FashionPass is the hottest ticket to earning points and rewards while you're shopping at Naelofar and Luna Jewellery - the more you shop, the more exclusive rewards and perks you'll earn! Signing up is FREE - gain insider access and start racking up those points when you become a FashionPass member today!


Simply earn and redeem points by signing up and shopping with Naelofar and/or Luna Jewellery via our official stores.




*FashionPass is currently only available at our official stores. Subject to Terms & Conditions, visit our FAQ below for more information.

FashionPass Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions

What is FashionPass and 'FP Points'?

FashionPass is the loyalty program for Naelofar and Luna Jewellery, where registered members can earn points by purchasing from our official stores.

'FP Points' refers to the points awarded from purchases or related campaigns.

How can I become a FashionPass member?

There are multiple ways in which you can become a FashionPass member & it's Free! For online methods, you can register an account here. For in-store registration, simply head to any of our official stores and sign-up by scanning the QR code at the payment counter or approach any of our friendly boutique assistants for registration.

Effective 15 January 2024, new accounts registered on will be automatically registered as a FashionPass member to guarantee that you enjoy the perks of your purchase.

All existing 'Naelofar Rewards' or Naelofar web store ( members will be automatically converted into FashionPass member, and be able to collect and redeem points at both Naelofar and Luna Jewellery official stores.

How do I earn 'FP Points'?

Once you are registered as a member, you will immediately earn 'FP Points' when you shop from our participating brands (Naelofar, Luna Jewellery). Simply make your purchase via our official stores.

For website purchases, members are required to log in prior to checking out, whereas, for physical stores, members are required to provide their registered mobile numbers for verification upon making payment. Points will be credited once the payment is successful and can be utilized directly as cashback on your next purchase.

For Click 'n' Collect orders, points will be awarded only when orders is successfully collected.

Click here to learn more about FashionPass perks!

How are 'FP Points' awarded?

RM1 spent = 1 FP Point awarded

Points will be awarded based on total purchase value*, after the deduction from points redeemed (if any).

*Total purchase value = total bill excluding shipping fees.

How can I spend (redeem) my 'FP Points'?

100 'FP Points' = RM1 cashback value

For in-store purchases at any of our official stores, simply provide your registered email address or mobile number to the cashier, which will be used to check on your FP Points status.

For online purchases, please ensure you are logged in to your account on the webstore before making the purchase. Redemption of available 'FP Points' can be done at the checkout page.

Redemption of 'FP Points' will offset your total bill**, in the form of the 'FP Points' equivalent cashback value.

**Total bill includes shipping fees.

*FashionPass members need to ensure their account is activated and verified before being able to redeem points.

*Before completing any purchase, members will have the option to redeem their 'FP Points' against the purchase OR keep their available 'FP Points'.

*Please note that verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number (email for overseas members) for redemption of 'FP Points' of 10,000 points and above

When will my 'FP Points' be reflected in my account?

'FP Points' will be awarded and reflected in your account immediately after a successful purchase*.

*For Online orders, points will be awarded upon successful order 'shipped' status; for CnC orders, points will be awarded when orders are successfully collected.

Will my 'FP Points' expire?

'FP Points' awarded are valid for 6 months from the transaction date, and will expire thereafter at the end of its expiry month.

Example: 'FP Points' earned on 15 January 2024, will expire on 30 June 2024.

How do I check on my 'FP Points' status?

Log in to your FashionPass account here to check on your 'FP Points' amount and status.

You can also walk in to any Naelofar or Luna Jewellery retail store and ask our friendly boutique asistants for help to check on your 'FP Points' status.

If you do not have an account yet, simply sign up here.

Can I apply a voucher code and redeem 'FP Points' at checkout?

Yes, website voucher code and 'FP Points' redemption can be combined in a single order.

Can I redeem 'FP Points' when there is already a product, sitewide/storewide discount?

Yes, discounts and 'FP Points' redemption can be combined in a single order.

Can I combine my redemption from separate loyalty programs?

Yes, you can combine your redemption from FashionPass and other loyalty programs, subject to terms and conditions of promotions.

However, you will be awarded points on one loyalty program only. Points will be awarded based on the total purchase value, which is the total bill excluding redeemed points from all loyalty programs and shipping fees.

Who can sign up for FashionPass?

For in-store store customers, anyone can sign up for a FashionPass account as long as you have a valid mobile number and email account.

For online customers, FashionPass is currently available for Malaysian webstores only.

What happens to my existing points?

Effective 15 January 2024, all existing 'Naelofar Rewards' or Naelofar web store ( membership and points will be automatically converted into FashionPass membership and points.

What happens to my 'FP Points' if I return or exchange my purchases?

During a return, any 'FP Points' earned from the returned item(s) will be cancelled.

Any 'FP Points' redeemed during the purchase of the returned item will be refunded.

In the event of an exchange, 'FP Points' will be awarded based on the difference in value of the item.

Example: Item A purchased at RM80 is exchanged for Item B at RM90; customer will be required to pay an additional amount of RM10, similarly only an additional 10 'FP Points' will be awarded.

How do I update my phone number or email address?

To update your email address, kindly refer to our boutique assistants or customer service for support.

To update your phone number, please proceed here.

Can I make changes to my account information?

Yes, you may. Kindly refer to our boutique assistants or customer service for support.

Am I allowed to transfer my 'FP Points' or account to my friend or family member?

We know sharing is caring, but this doesn’t apply to your FashionPass Points and account.

Your 'FP Points' and account is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

What happens if I notice my 'FP Points' is inaccurate?

We truly apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Kindly refer to our boutique assistants or contact our customer service for assistance, along with support images or documents to facilitate your query.

All claims must be made within 30 days from the date of transaction.

What will happen to personal information that I have submitted?

By signing up as a FashionPass member, you agree to us contacting you via email or SMS with marketing information and information about rewards, other products or special offers. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.